Website Redesign

As time changes , your business or organization needs to change with them. Websites must be updated and maintained so that as technology advances, your organization advances along with it.

If your present website has not performed up to your expectations or has become stagnant in its purpose, Hawkeeyed has your answer. Hawkeeyed is well versed at redesigning out of date websites, and transforming them into professional sites. If your business or organization has an existing website that you would like to redesign, we would be more than happy to evaluate it.

Our website redesign process starts with:

        • Competitive study: Extensive study of the market, competitors and competitor strategy

        • In-depth Website Analytics: Monitoring and analysis of user experience, technical features and search engine optimization.

        • Live Website Recording: Recording website browsing sessions. It includes installing cutting edge "Web recorder" technology. Our recorder will record the user mouse-moves LIVE, as it happens, so we can fully understand the users' interaction with your website.

        • Our redesign strategy ensures that you acquire a greater market share and enhance conversions without losing your existing brand identity and appeal.

The work is targeted at:

  • Creating design focusing on user and usability
  • Delivering a rich look and feel
  • Acknowledging web crawlers and search engines
  • Clear, concise and powerful copy. Website content must compliment look and feel, talk to the user etc.



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